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Molly’s Maternity Photos – Miss Mayzee Bloom is on her way!

August 10, 2018

Miss Mayzee Bloom, we are so excited to meet you! You have been a long awaited blessing! We have been praying for you for almost 3 years! Your mother will find joy in your smile and comfort in you holding her finger. Your father will be overwhelmed by the pride you bring in your simplest of achievements. You are so loved little Bloom.


Molly and Josh have been married for 6 years. They love, seek and follow God! The Lord has allowed trials in their lives, as He does in many of our lives, and they have proven faithful. Little girl, Mayzee Bloom, is expected to arrive in the later part of September. Not only is her name just super cute, but “Bloom” represents something more. Josh and Molly describe this new season of their life like Spring. The Winter has been tough, cold, harsh, and long, but with Mayzee on the way, and a few other things, they feel like Winter has finally ended and Spring is in full bloom. If you would like to read more about Josh and Molly and their journey, you can find Molly’s blog here –

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