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Welcome to the World Miss Mayzee Bloom – Fresh 48

September 25, 2018

It was September 3rd, 2018, Labor Day – ya know, a good day to be in Labor we suppose. Momma Molly had been laboring all day and seem to make small progress. We had all visited several times during the day and it was time for us all to go home and let soon-to-be momma and daddy get some sleep. We of course had our cell phones on and the volume turned up all the way.

At 11:39pm, we get the text that at some point, Mayzee had flipped butt down and since Molly’s water had already broken, it was likely she would need to have a cesarean delivery. At 11:50pm, she texted to let us know that they were doing a c-section. We quickly responded we were on our way. I threw on some shorts and a shirt and grabbed my camera bag and hopped in the car.

On September 4th, 2018 at 1:32am, we get the text from Josh with a photo of Momma Molly and sweet Mayzee on her chest! We were so excited! So filled with joy! Many of us brought to tears. We anxiously awaited to see all three of the new family!

Let me tell you something about this guy right here. I always knew that Josh was kind, tender, caring and considerate. But never have I fully witnessed this until the final months of Molly’s pregnancy and now with his sweet little girl. Becoming a parent taps into a most magical part of our hearts that we didn’t completely understand until our sweet babies enter the world or become a part of our family! Josh proudly displayed his daughter and then lovingly soothed her in the nursery as they waited on Mom. I’m getting teary just thinking about it again.

I was reminded of something during this moment in the nursery with Josh, Mayzee and the nurses. There is an invisible bond between a husband, wife and their baby. It begins when the couple finds out they are pregnant and grows stronger as the baby grows. With the grace and love of God, soon-to-be mommy and daddy lean on each other, build each other up, encourage one another, help each other as they wait for their baby to officially arrive. Now I’m not saying these come naturally, easily or even willing sometimes, but with God’s grace warming our hearts and working in our marriages, these glittering qualities of a successful relationships are possible, again, with God in the center.

What is even more amazing is the beautiful love that blooms in our hearts when we see our babies the first time after they are born. We feel a yearning to hold them close, keep them near, keep our eyes on our gift God has allowed us to parent. What we didn’t realize in the nursery, is that Molly was texting us saying she already missed Mayzee and was asking if everything was okay. She was feeling a natural anxiousness for her baby she’s spent so much time with up to this point. What they didn’t realize is that Josh and Mayzee were also experiencing a very similar anxiousness to be reunited with Molly after she was finished with the final stages of surgery. When they wheeled Molly by the nursery window to see Mayzee, it seemed as if she wanted to leap from the bed and hold Mayzee in her arms again. And at the same moment, Josh was torn between staying by Mayzee’s side and holding his wife close and making sure everything was okay. This silent moment of emotion holds a heavy weight that displays the great bond of love the three of them share. What a blessing to witness it!

Here you can see some of the very tired but overwhelmingly excited grandparents who can’t stop watching the little bundle of pink!

Later that day, after everyone got some sleep – the quality of sleep at this time is not important – we went back to visit the new family of three!

Emaline and Kade were so excited to meet their new cousin!


Mayzee Bloom Brooks – September 4th, 2018 – 1:07am – 6 lbs 13 ounces – 19 1/4 inches long


You can read Molly’s blog post on her labor and delivery experience HERE! Check out her other wise, intriguing, creative and heartwarming blog posts!

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