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It's always been about freezing time for me. But not just time, but what that time holds: emotions, laughter, connections between people, sparks, romance, giggles, silly faces, and even sorrow. Life happens so fast, we look for a way to stop this moment, right now, so we can remember it forever. I love to be a part of people's lives and capturing moments you never want to forget!

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Hi, I'm Sarah Kamolz Photography

Oklahoma & Destination Portrait, wedding & Real estate photographer

She is a creative thinker, a night owl, loves to paint, and her guilty pleasures are watching chick flicks, sleeping late, and lemon meringue pie & my dad's no-bake cookies.

A little more about sarah:

My husband, Jacob, and I are a team. It's always been that way. I help him with his interests and he helps me with mine. We have three lovely children. We believe life is a journey and although we may not know what's around the next curve, we know you gotta stick together, lean on each other, and get through it and find the fun along the way.

Our hearts love traveling, adventure and to experience new things. 

MEET Sarah & her family

In our family, we go out of our way to help each other out and make everyday moments memorably fantastic. Your very special, carefully planned, wedding day is not just another job for us! Every one of clients become our friends and we are happy to be a part of such an awesome new chapter to their story. We like to go out of our way, to make you feel like we are family!

We treat you like family.

what makes us different

In most situations, it would be impossible to keep every carefully planned detail from your wedding day in perfect shape for many many years to come. And it would also be impossible to fully remember and preserve all the love, excitement and joy you feel. Except, there is photography and it's ability to capture the moment and to bring nostalgia back into your mind and heart. So if preserving memories are important, invest in your legacy and invest in good photographers to capture it all. After all, this too is a fleeting moment in time.

We believe in your legacy

what makes us different

After getting engaged, I knew immediately that I wanted Sarah to photograph my engagement session and wedding. There simply was no other person I would trust. I'm an incredibly picky person when it comes to photographs of myself and I could not be happier with the images they took. Sarah was prompt with my proofs, easy to work with and a joy to be around! I will treasure these pictures the rest of my life!

"There was simply no other person I would trust."

Brett & Eryn

kind words

Sarah did such an amazing job with both our engagements and wedding! She makes sure every shot is captured that you could possibly want! She takes care of everything, so you have one less thing to stress about on your big day! And her prices are more then reasonable with quality that she provides! She goes above and beyond with editing from fixing chipped fingernail polish, teeth whitening, and getting rid of all of those little hair fuzzies! Absolutely above and beyond!

"Absolutely above and beyond!"

Molly & Josh

kind words

Sarah is an awesome photographer and I had a blast taking pictures with her! I felt so comfortable and at home. She gave me all the freedom on what I wanted to do, and she had awesome artistic input!

"Awesome artistic input!"


kind words

Sweetest Photographer - I enjoyed and was blessed to of gotten Sae Photography, Sarah Kamolz does a fantastic job!

"Sweetest Photographer"

Whitney & Bradley

kind words

I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She had a lot of great ideas and was very laid back and easy going. My mother in law said her and her husband were the first photographers to not drive her crazy during a wedding!

"Very laid back and easy going"

Kelly & Travis

kind words

YOU ROCK!!! Thank you Sarah for a wonderful time with my family. We had so much fun during the sitting and you made it so enjoyable for all of us. The pics turned out INCREDIBLE!! Yea, I cried when I first saw them. They are amazing and I thank you for paying such close attention to the details and for working with me to get the best poses and final production for us to enjoy for a lifetime!!

"You made it so enjoyable for us!"


kind words

Today is my 6 year anniversary and I am looking back through our wedding photos and wanted to thank you for capturing the most important day in my life! From the big moments to the smallest detail, you captured all these beautiful memories I will have for a lifetime! And, might I add, I love my 3 year old daughter admiring our wedding day photos! It makes my heart melt! Thank you for being amazing and capturing lifetime memories!!!! You are the BEST

"You captured all these beautiful memories I will have for a lifetime!"

Tia & Gabe

kind words


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Serving the WHOLE STATE of Oklahoma

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