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You work you heart out to sell homes! Don't let your real estate photos stand in the way of your listing getting in person views. Let us be a part of your team in
promoting your listings and enhancing each property's visual value taking it from
"For Sale" to "SOLD!"

We also offer Real Estate video to boost your listings exposure, excitement, and sales.

Looking for something in particular? Here's where to start:

Hi, I'm Sarah Kamolz Photography

Oklahoma & Surrounding REal Estate photographer


She is a creative thinker, a night owl, loves to paint, and her guilty pleasures are watching time-period dramas, sleeping late, and lemon meringue pie.

A little more about sarah:

My husband, Jacob, and I are a team. It's always been that way. I help him with his interests and he helps me with mine. We have three lovely children. We believe life is a journey and although we may not know what's around the next curve, we know you gotta stick together, lean on each other, and get through it and find the fun along the way.

Our hearts love traveling, adventure and to experience new things. 

MEET Sarah & her family

In our family, we go out of our way to help each other out and make everyday moments memorably fantastic. Your real estate listing is not just another job for me! When you successfully close on your listing, I'm celebrating right there with you. Every one of my clients become my friends and I am thrilled to be a part of your business team. I like to go out of my way so we can win together!

Quick Quality & a Friendly Face

what makes me different


Norman, OK 73160
Serving the WHOLE STATE of Oklahoma and Beyond!

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